Legal Notice


In accordance with legislation 34/2002 of 11th July regarding company services of information and electronic commerce, we hereby inform you of the registered name of the entity:


    • Registered name: EUROATOMIZADO SA
    • Location: Spain
    • Telephone: 964776610
    • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Address: Pol. Industrial El Colomer, Camino el Colaor nº 40 of Onda 12200  (Castellón).
    • N.I.F/C.I.F.: A12488672
    • Business purpose: The manufacturing in all phases and processes and commercialisation, including purchases, sales, imports, exports, representation and transportation of clays, atomised and non-atomised, of all kinds of articles and materials, machinery, equipment and their uses for the ceramic industry.
    • Registration Details: Registered at the Mercantile Registry of Castellón, Volume 942, Book 507, Page 108, Sheet nº CS-14130, Registration 1ª.
    • Location: Spain
    • Telephone: 964776610
    • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Address: Pol. Industrial La Emperadora s/n de Villafamés 12192  (Castellón).
    • N.I.F/C.I.F.: A12512497
    • Business purpose: The manufacturing in all phases and processes and commercialisation, including purchases, sales, imports, exports, representation and transportation of clays, atomised and non-atomised, of all kinds of articles and materials, machinery, equipment and their uses for the ceramic industry.
    • Registration Details: Registered at the Mercantile Registry of Castellón, Volume 990, Book 555, Page 42, Sheet CS-15486, Registration 1ª.


2. General Information. 

These general conditions regulate the use of service of the website whose owner is EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO and which is available free of charge for users of Internet and which may be viewed without any prior need of subscription or registration. Nevertheless, the contraction of certain services or products does require registration as a User in the Web. The use of our Web confers the condition of user and implies the full acceptance without reservation by the user of each and all the General Conditions in the version published by EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO at the moment in which the user accesses our Website as well as his acceptance of our privacy policy and handling of personal data. The user must carefully read the General Conditions on each of the occasions he intends to use our Web. Similarly, the use of Service will be submitted to all the warnings, regulations of use and instructions made known to the user by EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO included in these General Conditions when there is no objection to them. 

The registered User may at any time automatically cancel his registration as User of the Web, without this decision having any retroactive effect, by Internet or by telephone number 964776610 or by electronic mail at the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO reserves the right to deny or remove access to the Website at any time and without prior notice those Users who fail to comply with the General Conditions as well as any Special Conditions in operation.


3. General Conditions. 

Generally, the User is obliged to comply with the present terms and conditions of use and proceed according to the law, good general customs and the demands of acting in good faith, taking all care necessary with the nature of the service he enjoys, abstaining from using the website in any way which could impede, damage or deteriorate the site’s normal functioning as well as the assets or rights of EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO, other users or in general any third party.

In particular, and without this implying any restriction assumed by the User, as a general rule in accordance with the conditions outlined previously, the User is obliged in his use of to: 

    • Not enter, store or diffuse in or from the website any information or material which is defamatory, libellous, obscene, threatening, xenophobic or which incites violence through discrimination for reasons of race, gender, ideology, religion or in any way infringes upon ethics, public order, fundamental rights, public liberties, honour, the intimacy of third parties and in general current law.
    • Not enter, store or diffuse through this website any computer program, data, virus, code, hardware or telecommunications equipment or any other instrument, electronic or physical device which may cause damage to the website or to any of the services, equipment, systems or networks of EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO, any User or in general any third party; or in any way have the potential to cause them any kind of disturbance or prevent their normal functioning.
    • The user must adequately safeguard the “Name of User” and the “Password” which will be provided to him by EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO, as identification and authorisation to access the different services on the Website, committing himself to not assign their use or allow third parties to access them. The User assumes responsibility for any damages which could arise from their improper use. The use of complex and robust passwords is recommended so they are not easily decipherable. Therefore, the use of alphabetic letters combined with numbers for the password is recommended. The user will be liable for all costs and damages incurred from the use of the Service by any third party who employs the user’s password/s and user name/s due to a negligent use or loss of the password/name by the User.
    • Not destroy, alter, use for wrong purposes, misuse or damage data, information, programs or electronic documents belonging to EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO
    • Not disrupt the use of Service EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO by another user or the use of similar services by another entity.
    • In particular, the user must refrain from carrying out any act which is contrary to current regulations, protection of personal data, market and consumers, Intellectual Property rights, fiscal laws, honour or the intimacy, image and good name of individuals and entities.
    • The user is forbidden to erase, evade or manipulate copyright or other details associated with the rights of EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO. 

EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO may, according to its own criteria, discontinue with immediate effect the service EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO if the conduct of the user is contrary to the terms and condition outlined in this document. 

EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO may, at any time and without previous notice, modify the present General Conditions in addition to Special Conditions which may have been included for a particular user, through publication of these modifications in the website with the aim of making them known to the Users.


4. Intellectual and Industrial Property. 

1. The structure, design, and means of presentation of these elements – graphics, images, logotypes, colour combinations and any element subject to protection – are protected by the intellectual property and ownership rights of EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO. 

Reproduction, transformation, distribution, direct public communication or that made available to the public and in general any other form of exploitation, partial or complete of the above mentioned elements are forbidden. These acts of exploitation can only be carried out by virtue of the express authority of EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO and furthermore, must make explicit reference to the stated intellectual and ownership rights of EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO.  Reproduction of the elements of this website (printed or downloaded) is only authorised for private use. 

2. Use of distinctive signs – trademarks, commercial names – except with the authorisation of the legitimate owners, is forbidden. 

5. Exoneration of responsibility. 


EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO will not be responsible: 

As a general rule, regarding the use of this website which is the property of EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO, users must make proper use of the website in accordance with the terms and conditions previously set out. EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO will have no liability for the improper use of the website. 

Regarding possible technical deficiencies, EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO will not be responsible under any circumstances for alterations in the service caused by failures in the electricity supply, data connection network, server or any of the system’s functions. 

With regard to access by third parties to its system, EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO will adopt the necessary technical precautions in order to protect data and information accessed, but with no responsibility for the actions of third parties who, when infringing the established security measures, access this data. 

This webpage may contain links to sites of third parties whose content EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO cannot control. Their inclusion is only for informative purposes and does not imply the acceptance or guarantee on behalf of EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO the contents of those websites. Therefore, EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO rejects all responsibility for these contents in addition to any damages which may occur for any reason in their computer systems (hardware and applications), documents or files.  EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO, in so far as applicable legislation permits, does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of the functioning of those websites or their contents for technical reasons, security, control and maintenance of service; or for defects due to the server which stores those contents or other intermediaries or suppliers, for attacks against the computer system or for any other reasons which are beyond the control of EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO and therefore the Company will not be liable, directly or indirectly, for the above.

EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO will not be held responsible for failures, errors, damages, direct or indirect, which may be caused by the user’s computer system or the files or documents stored in his system which are caused or arise from the limitations or quality of his computer system or from the presence of a virus or any other damaging application in his computer, which is used for connecting to the contents of the website; or the quality of his connection or access to the Internet, for a poor functioning of his browser or for the use of computer applications whose versions have not been updated or when the correct user licence has not been obtained.   EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO will be exonerated from liability for any claim with regard to the intellectual property rights of the articles and images published on its website and, in addition, does not guarantee the accuracy, veracity and current validity of the contents of this website, whether they belong to EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO, third parties or linked to other websites and is entirely exonerated from any responsibility incurred from their use.

EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO will be exonerated from any liability arising from any claim, including the payment of lawyers’ fees, for lawsuits and claims originating from third parties for non-compliance by the USER of our conditions of use, access and privacy policy, or any other claim due to the non-compliance of current legislation.


6. Legislation. 

Generally, the relations between EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO and the Users of its telematics services present on this website, are subject to Spanish legislation and jurisdiction. Any litigation arising from the present agreement will be held at the law courts and tribunals of the User’s residence in Spain.

If a competent tribunal considers that any of the provisions of the present agreement are contrary to law, these will be rewritten in a way which reflects, as closely as possible, the intentions of the parties involved, while the remaining provisions remain valid and applicable. 

In the event that any of the clauses in the present agreement are invalid or inapplicable, the remaining provisions of the agreement remain in force and applicable.


Copyright© EUROATOMIZADO, S.A. all rights reserved 2014.


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