Privacy policy


1. Identification of the trade name of the file ownership.

In accordance with the law established in the Ley Orgánica 15/1999 13th December of the Personal Data Protection Act, we hereby inform you that any personal data obtained as a result of your submission of personal details, will be stored on a computerised file in the name of EUROATOMIZADO SA with registered address at Pol. Industrial El Colomer, Camino el Colaor nº 40 de Onda 12200 (Castellón) and/or a file in the name of  NUEVOS PRODUCTOS CERÁMICOS SA with registered address at Pol. Industrial La Emperadora s/n of Villafamés 12192 (Castellón), henceforth EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO, having installed all the security measures set out in the legislation of the Real Decreto 1720/2007.

2. Final purposes of personal data.

EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO informs the user that personal details will have the following final purposes:

  1. Attend and reply to communications or requests received either through electronic mailing or the form included on the website.
  2. Manage the curriculums and recruitment processes which appear in the job bank.
  3. Maintain records of previous commercial relations.
  4. Carry out publicity actions and commercial promotions.
  5. Furthermore,  EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO will register and store the IP address from which the user provided his personal data and subsequent connections, in addition to the different signing on times and subsequent connections, in order to corroborate the aforementioned consent and also for verification of the user’s behaviour and use of EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO Service. An IP address is a number assigned to the computer on using Internet. The IP address is also used to help in identification within a particular session and to gather general demographic information.

3. Consent granted for handling of personal data.

EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO informs the user about its webpage, which contains in this privacy policy all aspects related to the treatment of personal data which EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO carries out under its own responsibility.

Therefore, when the user does not maintain commercial relations with EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO, he must take into account and is hereby informed that the sending of electronic mails or submission of personal details through the contact form of EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO  and, in addition, the communication by the user to EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO of any other personal details constitutes or implies his free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express consent for the handling of his personal data by EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO for the purposes outlined in section “2” above and, in addition, his consent to attend his communication or send documentation. Otherwise, if the user is not in agreement, please abstain from sending electronic mails or personal data to EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO.

In the same way, EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO hereby informs that if the user sends an electronic mail or submits his personal data to  EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO in the name of the post he occupies in a company,- whether it be as administrator, manager, representative and/or any other position as contact person for that company,- it is understood that such communication constitutes the granting of his free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express consent for the handling of his personal details by EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO for the purposes outlined in section "2” of this privacy policy and, in addition, his consent to attend his communication or send documentation. Otherwise, if the user is not in agreement, please abstain from sending electronic mails or personal data to EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO.

4. Submission and registration of personal data.

The sending of personal details is mandatory for contacting and receiving information about the products and services of EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO. Not providing the personal data requested or not accepting the current policy on data protection renders it impossible to subscribe, register or receive information about the products and services of EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO.

5. Security measures in use regarding the handling of personal data.

EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO informs the user that, in accordance with legislation established in LOPD and the Real Decreto 1720/2007, measures of a technical and organisational nature have been adopted to guarantee the safeguarding of personal data and to avoid modifications, loss, handling or unauthorised access, giving consideration to the state of technology, nature of the stored data and risks associated, whether through human actions or the physical or natural environment. Personal data will only be stored in files which meet the conditions established in the aforementioned legislation with regard to their integrity and security in addition to those of the handling centres, premises, equipment, systems and programs.

Likewise, EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO guarantees the user compliance with the duty of professional secrecy with regard to the personal data of users and the obligation to safeguard that data.

6. Exercising rights of objection, access, rectification and cancellation of data.

Furthermore, the user is hereby informed that he may exercise his rights of access, rectification, cancellation, objection and revocation free of charge at any time, attaching photocopy of his DNI, according to the legislation 15/1999 LOPD at this address: Pol. Industrial El Colomer, Camino el Colaor nº 40 of Onda 12200 (Castellón), or at the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating in the subject heading “LOPD

7. Especially sensitive data.

In the formalisation of the free-text identification fields, it is forbidden to enter personal information relating to ideology, trade-union membership, religion, beliefs, health, sex life or racial issues under any circumstances. In the event of entering any information regarding the above mentioned aspects in the contact request form or electronic mail, this will immediately be erased from our computer systems without replying to the request made since this information is not necessary or relevant for the purpose of the consultation. 

8. Quality of the data.

EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO warns the user that, except when a representation has been legally set up, no user may adopt the identity of another person and communicate his personal data. Therefore, the user must always take into account that if he uses electronic mailing or the contact form, he can only include personal details which belong to his own identity which must be appropriate, relevant, real, exact and true. To this effect the user will be solely responsible for any damages, direct and/or indirect, caused to third parties or to EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO, by using the personal data of another person, or his own data if these are false, erroneous, unreal, inappropriate or irrelevant. In the same way, the user who uses personal data of a third party will respond to this party with the obligation of information established in the article 5.4 of the LOPD when the personal data has not been collected by the interested party himself and/or the consequences of not having informed him.

Data requested by the user indicated with an asterisk (*) will be those which are strictly necessary in order to contact the user. In no way does the fact of not providing more data than strictly necessary imply a reduction in service quality.

Data obtained are appropriate for the purposes for which collected, are strictly confidential and therefore not communicated to third parties.

9. Data of minors and disabled persons.

The use of the Service of EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO is not permitted to minors so persons below 18 years of age must abstain from communicating their personal details.

10. Updating of data.

The user is the only source of information of his personal data, therefore EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO, with the aim of maintaining his details updated and accurate at all times according to the principles set out in LOPD, requests that he contacts the indicated address in order to exercise his rights of access, rectification, cancelation and objection and communicate any change of detail, in addition to cessation of his activity in the entity he represents, in order to proceed with the cancelation and/or amendment of the historic data.   

11. Consent for the sending of publicity.

According to the legislation LSSI, EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO will not send publicity communications or promotion material by electronic mailing or other equivalent means of electronic communication which have not previously been requested or expressly authorised by the recipients of these communications and their acceptance of the current privacy policy or through other means of authorisation used by EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO

In the case where a contractual relation with users previously existed, EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO will be authorised to send commercial communications regarding the products or services of EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO which are similar to those which were initially the object of the original contract with the customer. However, the user may request that no further commercial information be sent, by using the channels of Customer Attention, following accreditation of his identity.

The user’s personal data will be maintained in our computer systems for an indefinite period in order to carry out commercial campaigns for the company’s products and services, provided the user has not exercised his right to revoke the sending of this publicity.

12. Assignment of data.

With regard to the personal data facilitated by the interested party, EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO guarantees maximum confidentiality as the only and exclusive recipient of those data, by not making assignments or communications to third parties except those indicated by current legislation and except in those cases where the assignment responds to the free and legitimate acceptance of a legal relationship whose development, compliance and control necessarily implies the communication of files of third parties or when access is necessary to provide a service to EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO when acting as responsible for the data treatment process.

13. Modification of the current privacy policy.

EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO reserves the right to modify the present privacy policy to adapt it to future legislative or legal developments, and also to changes in industrial practices, by previously informing users of the changes made.

The uninterrupted use of the Service EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO by the user constitutes a ratification of the present document with the modifications and changes which have been introduced.

For the same previously mentioned reasons, EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO reserves the right to modify or interrupt the Service EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO, entirely or in part, with or without having informed the user. EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO will not be responsible to the user or third parties for having exercised its right to modify or interrupt the Service EUROATOMIZADO GRUPO.

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