GROUP EUROATOMIDADO  has an Export Department which offers its customers:

  • A strong implication and identification with customers problems and consequently in a continous process of training and developing its human resource team.

  • The Know – How of our technical team, highly experienced in the development of ceramic compositions in addition to the prevision of technical assistance in the rest of production process.

  • The best solutions in the area of ceramic compositions due to a great knowledge of the global raw material market.

  • The ability to sastisfy any of your needs since we have to quality and Rand D laboratories equipped with the latest available technology and a highly qualified technical team.

Among the different services we offer we would emphasise:

  • The development of new ceramic compositions

  • Optimisation and enhancement of ceramic composition in use

  • Supply of raw materials and ceramic compositions

  • Technical assistance in the start-up of production of new ceramic compositions

  • Optimisation and enhancement of the production process at all faces. (atomisation, pressing and drying, enamelling, firing…)

  • Optimisation of the management of the environment, minimasing the use of water for example by evaluating ceramic waste for its re-use in the production process


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. Main Offices - Factory 1
EUROATOMIZADO, S.A. - Camino el Colaor, 40 - Pol. Ind. ”El Colomer”- C.P. 12.200 - Apdo. Correos 221 - Onda (Castellón - España) -
Tel: 964776610 - Fax: 964776097

· Factory 2
NUEVOS PRODUCTOS CERÁMICOS, S.A. - Pol. Ind. La Emperadora, s/n - C.P. 12192 - VILAFAMÉS (Castellón - España) - 
Tel: 964329353 - Fax: 964329337